These are historic times.  Our hearts are heavy for all our communities. There are no words that can completely capture this moment, but as I watch the news and speak with friends and family, I realize there are actions we must take.  Actions to educate, actions to listen and learn, actions to be better people,…


For over 30 years we’ve been preparing the perfect show just for you.. California Regional Theater is a theater production group dedicated to the creation of excellent theater and the education of students of all ages in the art of performance. Owner and founder Bob Maness began his journey in theatre at 17, directing his…

Response To COVID-19

The Curtain will Rise Again… It’s hard. Our world…and our lives…have been upended by something over which we have no control. We were thrust, nearly overnight, into circumstances that have forced us to change and adapt and rethink nearly all aspects of our daily life. Homes have become schools, workplaces and recreation centers. Pandemonium and…

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