This role description has been designed to provide you with full details about the volunteer usher role, help you decide if it suits your abilities, interests and availability. If you have any questions regarding this role or need further information please contact:

Director of Guest Relations at or

1-800-722­-4522 ext. 210.

Duties and Responsibilities:

To perform a vital role as the public face of California Regional Theater during our performances and events, ensuring that our patrons have a positive and enjoyable experience from the moment they enter the venue.

The role of the usher involves assisting our audiences inside and outside the auditorium, and responsibilities will vary for each performance. With support and supervision from the Director of Guest Relations and Head

Usher, duties include:

*Directing patrons to the theater facilities, i.e. restrooms, drinking fountains, etc…

*Checking tickets and showing people to their seats

*Distributing performance playbills and flyers for CRT productions

*Watch the audience during the performance, so that you are alert to their needs for assistance

and offer help (for this reason, you are invited to join us for the show’s final dress rehearsal so that you may enjoy the production prior to fulfilling your usher duties)

*Dealing effectively with latecomers and other audience related situations, based on GR Director’s instructions

*Alert the Head Usher/Director of Guest Relations to patrons expressing displeasure or difficulty before, during or after the event

*Taking responsibility for the safe evacuation of the visiting public during an incident.

*A willingness to assist your teammates and tidy up after each event-this includes making sure all trash is removed from the theater and lobby to the appropriate garbage areas.

Requirements, Training and Support:

-Age: 16 years or older

-Dress Code: Dark, solid colors: slacks, skirt, button up shirt, blouse STRICTLY ADHERED TO.

-Training & Support: Volunteers are required to attend the pre-show briefing at the venue, which covers all the necessary information relating to the role and details specific to that particular show.

Time Commitment:

Opportunities for volunteering exist during all scheduled matinée and evening performances.

Times vary depending on the performance, but on average each shift is approximately 4 hours, ushers are required to begin their shift one hour before the performance begins for training and preparation. Matinee performance shifts occur during the afternoon and evening performance shifts are typically from 6:30-10:00pm.

Desirable Qualities and Useful Previous Experience:

*An interest in theater and the arts

*Well presented, friendly and polite

*Punctual and reliable

*Flexible and adaptable

*Committed to equal opportunities

*Experience of dealing with customers in a busy environment

*Willing to take responsibility during an emergency evacuation and able to maintain a calm attitude during such an incident

Thank you for considering becoming a member of California Regional Theater’s team. Please contact CRT Director of Guest Relations with the following information to sign up as an usher for one or many performances. You may email Mindy Maness at or 1-800-722­-4522 ext. 210.

We look forward to hearing from you. Additional information will be sent to your regarding protocol before, during and after the performance, as well as emergency procedures.

Welcome to the CRT Team