Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we have received from our patrons.

The Theater

  • There are three addresses on your website, which one is your theater?
    CRT has three locations -Our business offices/training academy is located at 3851 Morrow Lane, Chico, CA 95928. – Our performance theater locations are
    CENTER FOR THE ARTS at 1475 East Ave. Chico, CA. 95926 and
    FIRST STREET THEATER at 139 West First Street Chico, CA. 95928
  • Where is the parking for your performance facility?
    At the CENTER FOR THE ARTS location, over 200 parking stalls are available directly outside the theater entrance complete with handicap accessibility stalls.
    At the FIRST STREET THEATER downtown location, street parking is available as well as parking garages within walking distance to the theater. Please visit Firststreettheater.com for more parking information.
  • Is your Theater ADA compliant?
    YES! Both of our performance facilities and offices are, built according to ADA standards which includes ADA accessible seating, restrooms, entrances and exits.
  • Is your theatre on the pleasant Valley High School campus?
    The CENTER FOR THE ARTS performance theater is located on the high school campus. This is a full state of the art Broadway stage theater built by the school district.
    The FIRST STREET THEATER location is located in downtown Chico, CA. This is a state of the art intimate theater nestled in the second floor of an 1891 restored building.
  • Are there concessions available?
    YES! For our regional shows we offer concessions during intermission. We typically offer a variety of goodies like cookies, muffins, candy, water, coffee and more. At our FIRST STREET Venue we also offer a full bar.
  • How large is your theater?
    Our The Center for The Arts performance theater,, seats 577 patrons. It has inclined seating allowing for every seat to have a great view of the stage! View the seating map here.
    Our FIRST STREET THEATER performance location seats 130 patrons
    . It has inclined seating allowing for every seat to have a great view of the stage!
  • How early should I get to the theater for a show? / How early do doors open for seating?
    30-45 minutes prior to show time is plenty for all California Regional Theater Venues! We have assigned seating, a large lobby, and trained ushers to help you find your seat quickly and easily. Doors open 30 minutes before show time.
  • How are you addressing COVID-19 concerns?
    Great Question! We will be following all guidelines for our industry according to California and Federal authorities. 
  • Are Children allowed at performances?
    Children under 5 are not admitted to regional shows.


Purchasing Tickets

  • What is the best way to get tickets to your event?
    There are several ways to get tickets to your event, however, the quickest and easiest would be online.  You can also call our box office at 1-800-722-4522, or stop by our offices at 3851 Morrow Lane #7 in Chico.
  • Is there a fee for ticket purchase?
    Yes, these fees are charged to cover the ticketing services and personnel. These fees are controlled by our ticketing vendor and are based on a percentage of each ticket.
  • Is there a price difference for the tickets or fees between purchasing online, in person, or over the phone?
    No, the fees are the same, whether purchasing tickets online, on the phone, or in person.
  • What is your ticket refund policy?
    We offer credits for events; no cash refunds are offered.



  • When was your company established?
    California Regional Theatre LLC was established January of 2012. See our complete story here.
  • Are your performers professional/equity actors?
    Our performers are typically local, non-equity performers right from our community.
  • How do I find out about auditions?
    We love using local talent for our shows and believe we have plenty of talent right here in the North State!  For more information and to see upcoming auditions visit our auditions page.
  • How do I find out about ushering?
    Ushering is a great way to serve in our community and see the show for FREE!  Visit this link to find out more!
  • Do you have a youth theater program?
    YES! CRT Kids is one of the largest youth theater programs in the north state, hosting over 200 kids in multiple programs for ages 5-16.  Visit our website for CRT kids to learn more and get your kids plugged into performance and fun!